5 Professional Life Hacks You Must Know

We all get the same 24 hours every day yet some people utilise the finite hours better than others, making them more successful.  While these people are out there climbing their ladders to success, the majority of us keep saying ‘there’s not enough time’.

When you think about it, people who are successful are not getting any extra time in a day, but they do know how to deploy these 24 hours well to get fruitful results and make their dreams come true. They know how to schedule and optimise time well and put every minute to use correctly.

When you decide to go a level up in your career or do something really out of the box, you must have complete control over your schedule to use time. You can achieve anything difficult in your life by implementing these professional life hacks to keep yourself focused on your goals.

1. Set time for everything

You can manage responsibilities 10 times better with minimum efforts if you have good time management skills. Working smartly is more important than working hard to use your knowledge and skills in the right manner.

You need to be smart about how you will go n about performing tasks. When several tasks are to be done in a day, there are chances that you’ll get confused and forget to accomplish certain things.

To remedy this, it’s better to set a calendar and work accordingly. Just make sure that you are not missing out on any reminder showing what is required to be done.

2. Send a Google calendar invite instead of calling

Many a time, you are required to call your colleague or clients for important discussions. Instead of calling them, send across a Google invite. Not only does it make sure that you remember to call them but it ensures that your client or colleague won’t forget either. Plus, with proper scheduling and reminders, you will be on the top of your game.

3. Group similar activities together

Do you have a lot of activities to do? Let’s say you need to make a dozens of phone calls to clients, write scripts, edit content that you wrote before, and research for new topics.

No worries. Instead of performing one task after the other, perform similar tasks together by grouping them. For example, if you are calling your clients, then focus on doing only that.

When you are writing something, go with the flow and write all the scripts. Of course, you need breaks in between the tasks so take short breaks and go back to work until it is done. Similarly, if you are researching, concentrate only on research work. This will not only save you time but also give you a better command over a particular task.

4. Use morning time for most difficult tasks

Most successful people follow this golden rule. Your energy levels are topped and you have a fresh perspective in mornings. So don’t waste these precious hours reading emails and checking your social media account.

Instead, start your day with tasks that are a bit tasking and save the email checking for lunchtime or when you are travelling.

5. Relax for sometime

Working continuously from 9 to 5 is not possible, it’s not even realistic and good for your health. So plan a long-term schedule including small breaks and reserve some time off to relax. Make sure that you are not burning out or crashing over your work and then spending the next few days in bed to recover from the crazy workload.

Again, it’s not healthy to compromise on breakfast, lunch and dinner time. And if you happen to have a pile of workload to get through in a particular week, then spend the weekend chilling by doing something that recharges you for the next hectic week. Long-term model ship is very essential in going a long way.

No matter how tight your schedule is, take a cheap printed pen and jot down your schedule for each day. Place this schedule on your desk where its right in front of your eyes and follow it religiously.

Your failure and success depend on how determined you are. So, believe in yourself and start working towards your goals with these professional hacks.

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