8 reasons for which you must consider doing a CFA course for a better career

It is a grueling process to get a CFA charter. But, having said this there are lots of benefits that you get at the end of the journey. You will ultimately realize how much your hard work has paid off. You may also have some wavering thoughts about not sitting for the examination before giving your CFA examination but now you will think how much self-fulfilling decision it was to give the exams. You will get a different kind of satisfaction.

There may be many sleepless nights for you, your friends and families may be partying or having fun, and there will be many other sacrifices that you will have to make during the hours of preparation. But, you will definitely forget all of these once you get the CFA charter. You will see that a whole new world full of opportunities have opened for you.

However, before we start discussing the benefits of being a CFA charter, let us take a brief look at the requirements that are necessary to achieve the charter.

As a CFA candidate, you need to pass all the three levels of the program and also complete the work experience that is essential to achieve the prestigious CFA “Charter”. level 1 of the examination starts in December and June. But, Level 2 and Level 3 of the examinations are conducted only during the month of June. However, if you don’t complete the required 48 months of work experience, it won’t be possible for you to achieve the “Charter” designation.

Below given are some of the benefits that you will get as a CFA Charter-holder.

Reason 1. Your CV will stand out

You will get many educational benefits too from the curriculum of CFA but other than that, the qualification and charter will clearly stand out on the CV. This is because you won’t get many who can claim to have a charter.

Reason 2. Work experience has its own weight-age

This is one of the degrees that takes work experience into consideration while granting you the title of the charter. This is to ensure that you don’t only have bookish knowledge but also have exposure to the necessary roles like equity research, investment banking, or any other field.

Therefore, if you have a CFA on your resume it will convince your employers that you have in-depth knowledge and also experience in handling challenging roles.

Reason 3. More time and most cost-effective than an MBA program

If you have a CFA qualification it is certainly valuable for you if you want to have a career in investment banking. Moreover, it is also effective for a person who doesn’t have the time or the resources to pursue a full-time MBA that too in a top-tier university.

Therefore, CFA charter can prove to be more beneficial than an MBA in all types of careers including portfolio management, stock broking, or investment banking.

Reason 4: The exposure to the variety of roles in finance

If you think that CFA is limited to just investment banking and equity research, you are definitely wrong. Today, it may be Foreign Exchange, Fintech, Alternative Investments, or any other offbeat profiles, everywhere employers prefer the CFAs.

The CFAs are more or less prepared for all types of demanding profiles.

Reason 5. Instant credibility and industry respect

In the finance and investment industry, CFA is one of the most prestigious and valued qualifications. People understand the struggle and intense process that a candidate has to go through before achieving the title of a charter.

However for them, while stepping into the industry it becomes easier. They not only gain instant recognition and respect as a CFA charter but also can easily take up interesting roles or positions.

Reason 6. prepares you for a global career in finance

If you want a global career in finance you can consider CFA to be your gateway. It is a well-known fact that the CFA is worldwide recognized but the recognition is so strong that if you want to make an impact in the overseas then CFA is your best option.

The curriculum that CFA has is so vast that it covers all the global markets. It also prepares you for a wide array of international profiles in finance.

Reason 7. The package is more attractive

If you have a CFA qualification and also work in a company that values it will ultimately make your package look more attractive.

When searching for a new job your previous job experience is definitely important but if you also have an added asset of CFA qualification it will just be icing on the cake for you as it will automatically increase your pay scale.

Reason 8. The entrance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the CFAs curriculum

In today’s world of technology, you cannot complete a profession without including analytic or Big Data. Now, the institutes of CFA also knows the importance of all these tools so they have decided to include various questions regarding robot advisory, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Learning these technologies will make the CFAs prepared for any kind of technological interruption or automation in the near future.

The candidates can also stay in tune with the latest trends and get jobs that have a better payment.

If you want to reap the benefits of CFA charter-holder it is better to start with this path in an early stage of your career, you can also avoid being left behind in the vast world of competitive finance and investment.

One of the prestigious institute to study CFA charter is IFA in Saudi Arabia. This institute for a financial analyst is a firm which specializes in preparatory courses and seminars for various CFA courses such as International Certified Valuation Specialist (ICVS), Certified Financial Statements Analyst (CFSA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and many more.

Their candidates have been extremely successful which has got them the reputation to be the undisputed leader in CFA review courses in Lebanon.

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