Best Blockchain Technology Certifications Out there

The world has been blown away with the popularity and utility of cryptocurrency, but, what impressed the business sphere, even more, was the underlying technology called the Blockchain that took everyone by storm.

Blockchain Technology is the new buzzword in the business town. It is considered to be the most useful and innovative creation that the tech domain has seen so far. So much so that experts believe that this ingenious invention will pervade the entire world by 2030.

There are millions and millions of people who are joining this famed Blockchain movement. And, an intriguing fact that made Blockchain an unparalleled technology is that its application is not limited to the finance dominion. From hospitals to real estate agencies to motor vehicle companies, all the small and big establishments are welcoming the Blockchain technology with open arms.

Consequently, the demand for Blockchain professionals is also soaring big time. With organizations adopting Blockchain for business purposes makes it quite evident that they shall be needing manpower well-versed with its construction as well as application. Therefore, top employers are on an extensive search for people in possession of an ability to exhibit Blockchain expertise in order to handle big projects on this enterprising technology.

This urgent requirement for Blockchain specialists has fostered various people to learn all about it in the pursuance of a fulfilling career. Hence, many institutes have come up with a wide range of Blockchain Technology Certifications that have not just been designed to spread knowledge and skills of building and using Blockchain but also infuse a sense of confidence and dedication for your career.

Here is a list of the most sought-after Blockchain Certification programs that you will find in the market. Have a look and decide for yourself which one suits your requirements the most.

  1. Blockchain Council: Certified Blockchain Expert

This Blockchain Technology Certification program is excellent for someone aspiring to become a Blockchain expert with a deep understanding of how it works and how it can be applied in different industries. It has been structured for professors, bankers, programmers and a bunch of other categories of individuals who will make a decent usage of the blockchain knowledge by employing it in real life situations.

  1. Business Blockchain Professional

Presented by the Central Blockchain Council of America, Business Blockchain Professional is one of the most appreciated Blockchain certification programs that has been introduced to give you rock-solid knowledge about the basic principles and concepts of Blockchain. Once you earn this program, you will be a trusted member of your company for building and implementing Blockchain related strategies and projects.

  1. Coursera: IBM Blockchain Foundation Course

This Blockchain certification course is apt for people who are just beginning to learn about this miraculous technology and wish to take baby steps towards becoming proficient in its application. The program helps you comprehend the know-how of Blockchain and enhances your efficiency in creating dApps for your organization.

The IBM Blockchain Foundation Course is meant for software developers and the famous brand name of the certifying body adds credibility to someone’s profile.


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