Find the Best Pliers Online In India

What are Pliers?

Pliers are basically handheld and manually powered hand tools in the hardware category that have a serrated jaw design that can be employed for holding, bending or cutting or manipulation or tweaking of tough and difficult materials such as wire, sheet metal or fine machine components. These are usually lightweight and simpler in nature than most other wrenches that allow the person using the equipment to manipulate the object quickly and efficiently that are too small or just too dangerous for the fingers. They are found in different lengths depending upon their application from 4” to 20” and have basic components such as a pair of handles, pivot that joins the handles and the head section containing cutting edges and the gripping jaws. The Pliers are basically made from steel alloys that contain additives like vanadium or chromium for vigour and the property of corrosion resistance.

Types of Pliers:

Pliers online shopping in India can present you a wide variety of pliers that are present in the market that have varying and multiple operations depending on the object that you are dealing with.

  • Flat Nose: These are also called as Duckbill where pliers have long, narrow and flat jaws.
  • Needle Nose: Also called as long nose, here the pliers have long and narrow jaws to operate in smaller areas.
  • Round Nose: The round nose pliers consist of pointed and narrow jaws used for working with small objects.

Like a hammer or a screwdriver, having a good pair of pliers is just as necessary as the other two. Perhaps, they are one of the most versatile tools that has applications both in home and at workplace. Looking at the staggering amount of variety at the pliers online shopping in India, it can really get confusing in terms of a better pair for you. The pliers hence all fall into three broad categories being locking, adjustable and non-adjustable.

Pliers online India market provides you some of the best all time pliers that are the best fit for your application. Typically, non-adjustable pliers dominate the market with some coming with a sliding joint that lets you widen the jaw slightly. On the other hand, adjustable pliers are more operational as they allow you to customise the distance between the nose heads matching the object being worked on. While the locking pliers, like the adjustable pliers can be adjusted to a limit but have an additional feature to be able to lock into place, so that one can attach something to it without the grip wearing off.

Key Features:

The pliers’ online India shopping portals allow you to sort pliers into categories, needs, requirements, pricing and other brackets also. There are many other sub-categories that one can also search for and be specific to save time.

  • Multiple operations both at work and home
  • Flexibility and ergonomic grip
  • Fine material

Some of the specialty application pliers are also made from softer metals apart from hard steel construction such as musical instruments where the pressure on the object has to be considerably less.

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