Fostering a learning culture in 2019|Infographic

Talent management is a holistic journey and building a learning culture demands effort from all levels within the organization. Without the necessary impetus from all participating stakeholders it is difficult, almost impossible, for the talent managers to lead the change. The Talent Management Institute’s (TMI) infographic Fostering a learning culture in 2019: drivers and barriers examines learning needs from different perspectives and tries to arrive at a holistic solution that can address the need of three important participating agencies:

  • The employee
  • The manager
  • The talent manager

Employee point of view:

Employees are optimistic about learning opportunities. 94% of employees would stay longer with the organization if it is willing to invest in their training and development. 56% of employees depend on the support of their managers and will enroll for a course if their manager suggests a relevant learning subject. Another 56% will spend more time learning if their manager directs them to complete a specific program to gain a skill.

Manager’s point of view:

53% of managers are inclined to encourage learning in their subordinates if the learning is aligned to their promotion paths. 52% of managers will encourage learning if the system recommends programs to them and the process is easy. Managers, though inclined to encourage the training initiatives, find it challenging to link them with overall productivity.

Talent Manager’s point of view:

Talent managers are of opinion that employees need to make time for learning and managers need to be actively involved in the employee learning journey. Managers can also link the learning objectives with their goals.


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