How to get best Norton customer service chat UK

Norton mobile security provides security to the smartphonesand users can enjoy the powerful features of the mobile. Users can Norton customer service chat UK if they find any problem and the support executive will help him in resolving it.

Benefits of Norton Mobile Security

Here are the benefits of Norton Mobile Security.

  • The mobile security provides protection to eh smartphones from the risky app.
  • The software protects the privacy of the users.
  • A lost or stolen device can be recovered easily.
  • User can buy a single subscription for multiple devices.

Risky Apps

There are many apps available online and people download them without knowing their risks.Norton Mobile Insight tells about malware, privacy and other risks

Personal Information

Now internet can be accessed through mobiles so there is always a threat of mobile scams and the private information of the people are also at risk. But due to Norton software, people can tap on the websites without any problem because if there will be any risk, the antivirus software will inform him about it. If the mobile is lost or stolen, user can wipe the mobile with the help of the software. The software can also locate the missed or lost mobile through the software.

Personal Networks

If the contacts are accidently deleted, uses can back up those contacts. They also can transfer their contacts to other device without any problem. If a user wants to share any or all contacts to other devices, he can do that too.

Single Subscription Multiple Device

User can use multiple devices with single subscription. The user just has to log on to the Norton’s portal and control the protection of the smartphone.

Security features of Norton Mobile Security

There are many security features of Norton Mobile Security, which are discussed here.

Protective Anti-malware Blocker

Anti-malware blocker prevents apps, which have malware and virusesin them. In this way, the security lets the user know about the malware even before installing the apps.

Intrusive Adware App Advisor

This feature helps the user to know whether the app he is going to download contain ads. In this way, apps with ads are not downloaded.

Antiphishing Web Protection

This feature blocks those websites that may cause scam in the mobiles through internet. The antivirus informs the user if the site is fake or fraud.

Malware Protection

This feature checks the apps if they have any virus spyware, or any other threats. If so, the antivirus software warns the user about it.

Locating lost or missed phone

The antivirus software helps to locate the lost or missed mobile on the map. SO users need not worry if their mobile is lost or stolen.

Safe Browsing

The personal data of the mobile is protected from malicious site and the antivirus software protects the mobile from installing Trojan and other viruses.


The norton help online software helps the user to remotely lock the lost or stolen mobile. It even helps to wipe personal information from the lost mobile so that thieves and hackers could not use the information for wrong purposes. The Antivirus software protects the user data in this way.

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