How to install 9apps App Store

The advancement of world into digital platforms has enabled the average person to get everything on their phone in the form of apps. Be it a game or a bank, news channel or books, everything has their version of application waiting for the user to download. 9apps is an app store that enables you to access through various apps and games and downloads them on your phone. It has multiple benefits like it provides you various apps that you might not find in Google Play Store; it is user friendly and small sized app.

However, attempting anything for the first time is quite complicated and you might need help or guidance to do it correctly. Similarly, you would need guidance in downloading 9apps store in your phones.

∆ How to install 9apps in Android Phone

You can install 9apps in very easy way. You have to follow the following 6 steps to download this app store on you Android phone –
Step 1
Download 9app APK file. This APK file could be downloaded from or somewhere else. After you download it, save it somewhere on your android phone.
Step 2
There is a possibility that you may have to change settings in your phone to allow your device to install the 9apps store. You will have to allow your phone to install android apps from “Unknown Sources”.
Step 3
To do step 2, go to your phone “settings”.
Step 4
Go to Security option in settings.
Step 5
Enable the “unknown sources” options in the Security box.
Step 6
Return back to the folder where you have downloaded and saved the APK file of 9apps. Now tap on it and the app store would install in your android phone on no time.

Although 9apps app store is an alternative for Google Play Store, it serves the iOS users as well. You could download 9apps APK on your iOS and follow the process to install the app store in your iPhone.
You have to pay for most of the useful apps on both iOS and App Store since they are premium apps and are not free. Here comes one of the biggest benefits of downloading and installing 9apps on your iPhone. You would not have to pay anything to use brilliant quality apps if you download them from 9apps store. They are free of cost. This advantage would be enough to bait you towards 9apps so the next question arises is how 9apps could be downloaded on an iOS phone.

✓Go to from your iOS mobile phone

✓Tap on the download link
✓The next would be a drop box on your iPhone or iPad screen that will ask that you waited choose the jailbreak version or the non-escape version. You must choose a version that would be suitable and appreciate for your device.
✓Tap on installation icon
✓After the installation is complete; you will get the 9apps store on your iOS device and would be able to use all the apps and games available in the 9apps App Store.

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