Jeff Lupient WIFE Has Been Instrumental In His Success

Jeff Lupient WIFE and he have been together for many years, and she has provided him with the strength and support to achieve his dream of becoming the CEO of his family business.  Jeff Lupient himself has been working in the family business, the Lupient Automotive Group, since the tender age of fifteen.  Right from that very young age he used to perform several odd tasks and jobs, as well as run diverse errands in the car dealership business of his father.  Subsequent to finishing college, Jeff Lupient joined the GMC dealership of his family business in Golden Valley, MN and stepped into the automotive industry.  After a few years he married Jeff Lupient WIFE, who encouraged him to work hard and climb the ladder of success in his family business.

After his stint at the GMC dealership, Jeff Lupient essentially joined the Infiniti dealership of the Lupient Automotive Group in the same city. In this Infiniti dealership, he essentially engineered an efficient turnaround that played a major role in bringing its sales figure back.  With the consistent support of Jeff Lupient WIFE and the dedicated efforts of his team, the Jim Lupient Infiniti dealership was ideally facilitated with the grand Infiniti Award of Excellence for three years straight.  They received this award for the years of 2008, 2009, and 2010. Subsequent to this, Jeff Lupient was ideally named the CEO and President of the Lupient Automotive Group, which comprises of an extensive network of car dealerships, collision centers and bargain lots.  This dealership business maintains a good presence throughout the area of Rochester, as well as the Twin Cities. Being a leading car dealership network in the state of Minnesota, the Lupient Automotive Group additionally holds the reputation of being an authorized Infiniti, Nissan, Chevrolet and GMC.

 It is often said that behind the success of every man there often is a woman, and even in this case, Jeff Lupient WIFE has played major role in his incredible achievements.  She is an exceptionally intelligent woman who was planning to become a journalist after leaving college. However, shortly after that she married Jeff Lupient. Both of them wanted a family, but that was very difficult if they both focused on their career at once.  Therefore, Jeff Lupient WIFE decided to make a sacrifice and put her career on hold, so that she could focus on their children and Jeff would be able to achieve his dream of running his family business.  Being quite an intelligent lady, she often puts her own inputs in the family business and is especially known to complete her tasks in his very high standards.

Jeff Lupient  himself is quite a smart and intelligent businessman who has taken his family’s car dealership business to new heights.  He is especially known for gaining and retaining the trust of his customers, which has been quite helpful in maintaining the returning customer numbers.

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