Jute Carpet- Myriad of Reasons Why Should Have Jute Flooring in Your Home

The sustainable nature, as well as the splendid natural weave patterns, is making jute carpets a popular choice globally. These natural options are quite unlike the synthetic fibres requiring petroleum and fossil fuels for their manufacturing. Moreover, the natural fibre based carpets and rugs are not going to end in landfills, rather these are biodegradable and renewable.

Jute is one of the most cost-effective natural fibres being used for creating alluring and durable flooring covers. There are so many advantages one gets through the choosing jute rugs and carpets in homes.

Resplendent rustic elegance: Jute has a typical and unique natural appearance. Jute rugs and carpets are used as classic looking additions in the home. Moreover, the jute rugs blend so naturally with the rest of the home decor. Jute fibres in their natural form in the carpets and flooring can be beige, golden brown tan in colour. The fibres are generally woven in neutral patterns. The appearance of the jute flooring is highly adaptable to the various styles of aesthetic design in a home, whether traditional or modern.

Sustainability: If you are choosing to go green and are looking for an eco–friendly choice you can count on, then jute carpet is an unmatched sustainable option. Moreover, jute is a highly abundant fibre. It is primarily a rain fed crop and does not require much fertilizer and chemicals.

You will love the price: Even while jute fibres render a unique, stylish and charming look to an area where these are placed and have tremendous strength and durability, jute is a low cost. In fact, jute carpets and rugs have prices lower than other kinds of natural fibres like sea grass and sisal. This is mainly attributed to the abundant and speedy growth characteristics of jute fibres. Not only is jute a sustainable and green choice, it is also a budget-friendly option.

Needs little maintenance and care: Jute rugs and floorings do not demand high maintenance. The natural fibres of jute mats obscure dust and dirt effectively. You just have to vacuum the home decor flooring covers made from jute to render them clean. Make sure jute is never steam-cleaned or hot shampooed as this can damage jute fibres. Jute is prone to damage by water.

Some precautions while using jute fibre carpets and rugs

  • Make sure you place your jute rugs in moisture-free areas. Jute is natural fibre and it is prone to mould growth in presence of moisture. Moreover, water can stain jute.
  • Jute is prone to shedding. Therefore, make sure that you vacuum jute carpets and rugs during your routine cleaning regimen.

Overall, when you use the jute rug in the right parts of your home, its natural appearance is going to enhance the look of the home in a subtle an inconspicuous way. Floorspace Jute rugs and carpet are available in various s shapes like rectangular, square, round and oval. You have to choose the right size and the design for getting the desired look in the area where you place your jute carpets.

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