Latest Connectivity Features in Vehicles from Chevrolet

Starting from the realm of entertainment to safety, from navigation to communication, all the recently launched Chevrolet vehicles will have the power to let you stay seamlessly connected to your world every time you move out with one. The Chevrolet Infotainment Systems are strongly integrated today with your mobile device so that you can focus only on the road that lies ahead. All connectivity actions like making and receiving calls, texting, playing your favorite music track will be at your fingertips with your own phone settings displayed through the touchscreen mounted in front of you. To see how it all works you can step in any reputable dealership like the Concord Chevrolet and have a look around the sound Infotainment system of Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Infotainment System

All the latest versions of the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 System will first prompt you to organize your stuff and integrate the technology with your mobile device so that you can stay informed on the road without having to look into the smaller screen while driving. TheChevrolet Infotainment System introduces you to a host of latest connectivity features for the passengers to both enjoy their ride with the latest entertainment and stay informed about the immediate surroundings like the traffic ahead and so on.

The Advanced Navigation System

Gone are those days, when people have to ask others to guide them to their destination. Now all Chevrolet cars are equipped with the in-house Infotainment Systems named OnStar that will navigate your route Turn-by-Turn through the latest navigation software connected t the Google Maps.

Apple CarPlay

Now all your mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops can be integrated with your in-car Chevrolet Infotainment System through the Apple CarPlaysupport through which you can get easy access to your Contacts, Music Player, Messages, Maps and any app that is loaded in your mobile.

Android Auto

Like Android Auto, for those who use apple Devices, Chevrolet extends its support through Apple CarPlay that acts the same way as that of the Android Auto.

4G LTE Wi-Fi

As no connectivity will finally work without an internet connection, every Chevrolet vehicle today comes with the option to avail its built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection that can be used by a maximum of seven devices through your journey.

Available Customization Options

If you buy any Chevrolet vehicle or ride one, you can find the standard Chevrolet in-house Infotainment 3 systems with Plus and Premium options, with personalization and customization feature that allows you to enjoy the freedom to have multiple radio profiles that will be set with individual preferences of channels, HVAC and convenience feature settings.

My Chevrolet Mobile App

At the Concord Chevrolet dealership we tried the all-compassing myChevrolet Mobile App that has the capacity to convert your compatible mobile device into a strict center of commands with a paid subscription. It can Start or stop the car engine, lock or unlock the doors at the single tap of a finger, send destinations to the available navigation system of the vehicle and view its diagnostic information.

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