Public Relations: its Advantages and its Disadvantages

The main aim of Public Relations or PR is to better your reputation by raising your business profile. If it is done properly, it is the most cost effective way at present for communicating your message to a larger audience. However, there is no denying that it can also be a tricky business. Therefore, if you want to achieve success, it is better that you research properly about the disadvantages and advantages of PR and then open your PR firm. Here we have tried to highlight the most common positive as well as negative aspects of PR. After reading the complete article, it will be easier for you to decide whether establishing your own PR agency will be beneficial for you or not in the long run.

Benefits of PR (Public Relations)

These are the benefits of PR for businesses:

  • Reach- Various news outlets will be interested in picking up the story of yours if the content is good. So, your advantage is that your message will reach far more people that you could have dreamt of.
  • Cost-effectiveness- PR is indeed an affordable way of reaching a larger audience. Even I you are planning to pay for advertising online, it can still be cheaper than offline advertisement.
  • Influence- Audience always tends to trust those messages that come from objective sources as opposed to those that are paid advertisements. PR is among the most credible ways of promoting your business, brand or product if you can do it properly. It can be so persuasive that you’ll end up influencing a large number of people within a short time.

Limitations of Public Relations

Let us now have a look at the challenges faced by tech PR firms:

  • You cannot control it directly-One major difference between PR and advertising is that the former is beyond your direct control. It is impossible for you to monitor the way in which media portrays your business.
  • Evaluation- It can also be challenging to calculate how effective your PR activities are. Even if it is possible for you to keep count of the number of published stories and media mentions, you can never know the impact your story has on your target audience.
  • No guarantee- In PR nobody can guarantee you positive results. You may spend your money and time on writing a particular press release and collecting suitable photographs as well as talking to journalists. But, you need to remember that, there is no guarantee that your story will get a publisher. It might never be published no matter how much effort you put into it. Your whole investment can be a total waste and therefore, this is one major limitation of PR.

This was all about the basic disadvantages and advantages of PR. To get a clearer picture it is better to take help of such a person who specializes in this field. One such person will be capable of explaining everything to you in detail and sharing his first-hand experience in public relations with you.

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