Rising Tide of Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Several organizations are planning on becoming AI enhanced. 40% of organizations say that they have further added jobs which result in AI deployment within businesses.  Although 2018 was a year for artificial intelligence, 2019 is predicted to have a major impact.

AI is set to transform businesses and markets in the coming years. The artificial intelligence is already being adopted in government sectors, energy, and natural resources management, security frameworks etc. AI plays a major role in creating jobs even though many jobs are being eliminated. Job roles that require repetitive manual tasks have been outsourced to artificial intelligence. AI is going to create more jobs than it eliminates in 2019.

Who is an AI engineer?

An AI engineer is an expert professional who can handle tasks related to intelligence problems and technologies. One with such proficiency have skills in data engineering, data science, and software development. An artificial intelligence engineer works closely with data scientists, data architects, and data analysts to ensure that the alignment between business objective and the analytics back-end is well structured.

If you’re looking to become an AI professional you need to fist acquire skills in Machine Learning, Python, R, Data Science, Hadoop, Big Data, Java, Data Mining, Spark, and SAS etc. Knowing that these skills are the most sought after by top recruiters today, it is imperative for every aspiring AI professional to get skilled in these technologies. The employer demand for professionals skilled in AI has grown double over the last three years.

The U.S. ranks the highest with many skilled AI professionals worldwide followed by China, India, Israel, and Germany. These countries stand first in the AI league since they have the strongest talent pool of engineers.

Facts one should know about AI-

  • AI-driven enterprise is set to take $1.2 trillion from competitions in the year 2020.
  • So far, 37% of organizations surveyed across the globe have invested US$5 million or more in cognitive technologies, a survey by Deloitte.
  • 2019 – the year in which AI driven organizations will create new job roles of AI engineers.
  • Job titles such as machine learning engineer, data scientists, and computer vision engineer etc. are the most in-demand AI jobs today.

Overall the demand for professionals skilled in artificial intelligence is high but companies are still facing the dearth of talent. As technology keeps advancing, it has become rather tough for companies to hire talent with the latest and relevant skills. AI in 2019 is projected to be bigger and better. But what are companies doing to combat and address the talent gap?

In the coming years, AI is going to be more powerful and prevalent and will leave no stone unturned. If you want to be a part of the revolution, it is high time for you to grasp these skills and be future ready. Expect to see new changes in your career? You can now take up AI certification and AI engineer certification to stay abreast in the technology sector.


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