The Best Resources Available to Human Resources Professionals

Growing in any field takes a lot of time, effort and hard work from your side. Especially, in times like these when technology is altering all industries by changing the dynamics of how work takes place. Today, it is not enough to be just good at your job to get through your career. In order to find success, one has to become an all-rounder and stay up to date with everything that is going on in the industry. It is immensely important to keep in touch with your community and feed yourself the latest news in your field of work.

Moreover, once you begin to work in versatile environments, there are times when you need to take a second opinion or advice on a critical topic form someone who is a part of the same realm. And, to do so, you have to be constantly connected to your professional circle.

This article specifically deals with the needs of HR Professionals in regards to the resources one should refer to for staying updated on the new developments of the HR world. By giving it a read, professionals of the HR sector can have an understanding of what they should be doing in order to not just survive but also bloom in their domain.

Here is a list of Human Resources associations enlightening Human Resources Professionals globally.

  1. – One of the pioneers of an HR platform where Human Resources Professionals can interact with like-minded people. The website provides a chance to HR professionals to become a part of a social network and stay up to the minute with contemporary articles, whitepapers, events, templates, webcasts, news and so on.
  2. Talent Management Institute – It is one of the biggest establishments that is providing its support to Human Resources Professionals in making a leap in their careers by keeping an association with their peers spread across 183 countries.

This widely renowned foundation offers conferences, publications, templates, tools, and guidance to HR professionals through well-framed educative courses that are not just created to provide an understanding of this branch of knowledge but also help them build up their overall personalities.

  1. HR Magazine – There are many magazines in the HR realm that are incredibly informative and can direct someone in the right direction towards a fulfilling human resources career. And, amongst all, this is the most respected and widely read publication by HR practitioners all around the world. All you have to do is get a subscription.
  2. LinkedIn associations – Known to all, LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks on this planet that is serving people in making professionals ties. It also has several groups that are entirely dedicated to Human Resources Professionals.

Linked: HR is the most popular group for HR professionals consisting of more than 697,000 participants who contribute to active discussions on a monthly basis.

  1. Human Resources on Twitter – There are thousands and thousands of HR practitioners have registered themselves under the HR category. So, if you are a loyal Twitter user, you can reach to loads and loads of people working in the same industry.

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