The Growing Market for Big Data Certification

There is an inexplicable kind of excitement going around Big Data. The realm of Information Technology is completed vested in promoting Big Data and the reason behind that is the benefits that one can achieve by analyzing big sets of data.

Anyone who is even a little aware of what is happening around the world has heard about big data and how it can bring value to businesses that are fully engrossed in identifying patterns, associations, and trends through their data reservoirs in order to judge customer behavior and preferences.

Modern businesses are embracing big data analytics making it an essential part of their functioning. However, even after attaining the technologies needed to store large sets of structured and unstructured data, companies are not able to make a full-fledged utilization of big data due to a shortage of professionals who are versed with contemporary technologies and the knowledge to take insights out of puzzled data.

In Actuality, big data was introduced to the business domain before people were ready for it, therefore, there is a huge skills gap because of a lack of professionals smart enough to capitalize this ingenious discovery. Thus, the demand for big data professionals is on a roll and anyone holding the capacity to handle data related projects are being welcomed by top firms.

Also, as the supply of efficient people with big data skills is a bit slow at this point in time, employers are prepared to pay big bucks to those who can offer wise insights by extracting and evaluation meaningful information out of limitless customer data.

So basically, planning a career in Big Data is one thing that most people wish to do now, however, they are ambiguous as to where they can start studying about it. And, to cater to such professionals, the educational zone is making the effort of introducing pertinent big data certifications that will help people begin a financially rewarding career in Big Data & analytics.

Best Big Data Certifications

1-EMC Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA)

A communicative big data certification program that is changing lives all around the professional sphere by acting as a brace to people trying to instigate their career in analytics. The program infuses the knowledge and confidence needed to become a valuable part of gigantic projects using big data tools.

Pursuing this course can be helpful if one wants to fabricate relevant questions, find answers through big data solutions and bring value to the business.

2-Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA)

Offered by DASCA, SBDA is solid support for business & marketing professionals, amongst others, to take them through the wide gateways of Big Data & Analytics. It has been fabricated to instill the competence in people to tack with challenging assignments involving Data Analytics Lifecycle, reframing business problems, applying analytical tools for evaluating big data and creating statistical models.

3-Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Transforming people from disparate backgrounds into hardcore analytics experts, CAP focuses on many key zones of the analytics procedure which includes solving business puzzles, selecting methodologies, contracting models, and managing lifecycle. To earn this Big Data certification, one must have some prior knowledge of analytical technologies.

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