The Ingenious world of Digital Badges

The credentialing industry has inflated to another level with a diverse range of micro-credentials and badges that they have to offer to us every now and then. And, that has made it more convenient for us to get our knowledge validated through different efficient platforms.

An innovative creation that has acted as a breath of fresh air for learners is a digital badge that is gaining name & fame in every part of the world today. For those who do not know much about the concept of digital badging, this article is a must-read for them as it talks about what digital badges are all about and what is their influence on the field of education.

Let us begin with the meaning of digital badges.

What is a Digital Badge?

It is fundamentally an approved indicator of your knowledge, skills, interests, and quality which can be obtained in a number of diverse environments. The best form that is gaining extra popularity these days is the notion of open digital badging for an important reason which is that it is simple for someone to earn, issue or exhibit it over the web with assistance from an infrastructure that utilizes open and shared technical standards.

The world that we live in is ever-changing and that fact burdens us with the responsibility to cope up with changes to maintain a steady pace with the latest developments. Nowadays, it is believed that when it comes to gaining knowledge and in taking education, age is no bar. And, with digital badges, people finally get an opportunity to learn at any age as they are strong tools for identifying a wide range of skills, knowledge of disparate subjects, competencies, and accomplishments. So basically, they are an ultimate replacement for outmoded assessment methods that are not successful in capturing the learning that takes place at dissimilar ages.

Another interesting reality about digital badges is that it provides you with a chance to learn in various kinds of environments. That being the case, digital badges are a great source that can offer you with new and creative paths to learning and connect you with a plethora of resources & opportunities. They play a huge role in helping you set your goals by instilling a motivation to go for added academic experiences.

What is the controversy around Digital Badges in the sphere of education?

The trend of acquiring digital badges is getting off the ground as many students are earning them every now and then, however, people are still skeptical about the fact whether it shall add any value to their career growth. And fortunately, most experts hold a view that digital badges can actually curb the developing skills gap and prove to as beneficial as a degree is in the real world at this point.

Multiple successful professionals believe that classroom learning makes you feel disconnected from what you are actually supposed to learn in order to survive and eventually thrive in today’s modern global workforce.

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