The Know-How of Online Proctoring

People these days have well-accepted the idea of taking online proctored exams. The reasons behind such widespread popularity of online proctoring are that the conventional models for test administration were not up to the mark. And thanks to the advancements in technology that the bright minds of the world came up with an alternative to the traditional methods of testing.

The process of online proctoring includes a bunch of trained proctors that take assistance from proficient webcams, communication-based on chats, & solid authentication software methodologies in order to prevent students from getting involved into any kind of fraudulent activity. Such proctors make themselves well-versed in the practices to deal with a situation in which a student is found cheating.

The convenience attached with Online Proctoring

According to many studies, online proctoring can prove to be equally or more effective than traditional ways of proctoring taking place at test centers. Not only it helps you get rid of the security issues but also provides convenience to the students of taking the exam at their homes, workplaces, schools & so on. Moreover, the expenses of the students also go down as they are not required to spend money on the testing fees, parking, travel & some other related costs.

 Drawbacks of Online Proctoring

There are multiple ways in which online proctoring can take place. And it mostly depends on your online proctoring service that how well the whole procedure of proctoring actually goes.

A serious issue faced by people during online proctoring is that, in some cases, the proctor is allowed to view the student’s screen which creates problems in terms of privacy. In situations like these, the proctor is able to look at the questions present on the student’s screen and also the answers given by the exam taker. So, there are chances of some collusion going on with the answers.

The second issue which has been noticed during proctored exams is that when the student is using a laptop to take the exam, the proctor is just able to view the head and shoulders of the test taker through the laptop camera. Though these cameras are quite convenient to use & cost less, it is not easy for the proctor to detect any corrupt move taken by the examinee.

Thirdly, there are a number of online proctoring services that follow an authentication process in which the test taker is supposed to show his or her government ID to the proctor through the camera lens. So, it becomes easy for the examinee to forge a government ID as it is difficult for someone to make out the difference through a webcam.

In order to circumvent issue like these, it is essential to choose the right Online Proctoring service. With the presence of so many such services in the market, sometimes, it becomes confusing while selecting the correct online proctoring service that suits your needs. Especially, when a few of them are a little flawed in their functionality. So, you have to be careful and choose the online proctoring service that is free from any of the security risks that we just talked about.

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