Top 5 Ways A Data Science Certification Will Benefit Your Career

If you are seeking a career in big data as a data scientist, then you should go for certifications in the field. Why you may ask, like all the others who want to have a career in data science. Other than the fact that certifications are a third party validation of your skills and qualifications, one of the basic reason you should go for certifications in data science is that it inspires trust in a recruiting manager.

Yes, it does. Here’s how – each certification programs comes with a specially designed course and an exam. You are eligible for certification only when you clear the course and pass the exam. So there is a thorough process before you become a certified data science professional.

And there has been a surge in demand for certified data science professionals who love playing with raw data and tame it to get desired results that would help an organization reach its goals.

So you see, certified data science professionals are in demand and since you have decided to have a data science career, it would be advisable to go for data science certification.

Considering the latest trend in the tech market, it is not surprising to see data scientist becoming one of the popular roles. With more and more organizations seeking well qualified and certified data science professionals, it was just a matter of time when the data science careers became the first choice of professionals.

How data science certification would affect data science careers?

Interesting question, don’t you think. There are numerous reasons for you to apply for data science certification – demand for certified data science professional being one. Here are top five reasons you should go for data science certification and enjoy your data science career.

  1. Certification indicates you are passionate and self-motivated: When you opt for data science certification, the image you present to the world is that you are self-motivated and passionate about data science careers. A certification on your resume would ensure hiring managers and even your professional peers that you are dedicated to your career. Considering the rapidly evolving technology age, it is mandatory to keep updating your skills, so if you have a data science certification on your resume, it would add in your favor.
  2. It is a Credibility Stamp on your resume: Oh yes, certifications are definitely that and much more. Certifications on your portfolio speak for themselves about your qualifications and skills. Certifications are proof of high education and qualifications. Thus make you the first choice of any hiring manager.
  3. Makes you an apple of recruiters’ eyes: Yes, it does! Don’t believe us then search all the job portals and you would see for yourself. Recruiters are searching for data scientists who are not only well-qualified but certified as well. Thus making you an apple of recruiters’ eyes.
  4. Ensures you are updated with latest industry trends: With certifications on your portfolio you are always updated with latest industry trends. How? Certification programs teach you all the latest trends in the market and ensure that you are always updated and upgraded. You need to reapply for certification so as to stay updated.
  5. Makes you eligible for jobs across various domains and industries: As a certified data professional, your choices for jobs open up tremendously. Most of the industries like defense, healthcare, entertainment and retail all seek certified data scientists. So if you have a data science certification on your resume you would not have dearth of job offers from numerous industries.

With these five benefits in mind, we are sure, you have decided to go for data science certification and would be ready to give a boost to your data science career.

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