Uses of I.T. Consulting in Hong Kong

 Information Technology (IT) consulting refers to a field of activity with a focus on advising organizations on how to make the best use of IT in fulfilling their business objectives.

The IT Consulting Hong Kong industry can be regarded as a four-tier system. These are:

  • Professional service companies: These maintain huge professional workforces and command high rates of compensation.
  • Staffing firms: These put the services of technologists for companies on a temporary basis, usually to respond to technical projects, employee absences and temporary shortages of skills.
  • Independent consultants: These are self-employed professionals, who may function either as employees of staffing firms or as independent contractors.
  • IT security consultants in Hong Kong.

There are many reasons why IT consultants are called in Hong Kong:

  • For gaining objective, external advice and recommendations
  • For gaining access to the specialized expertise of consultants
  • Temporary help for one-time projects
  • For outsourcing complete or part of IT services from a specific company

As technology drives businesses more and more, there arises critical need for properly executed and managed IT systems. An important function of IT consultants is to provide advice on the best use of IT, within and for the company.

Following are the modes in which IT consultant firms help with management, administration and deployment of IT to ensure that firms realize their full potential and achieve their concrete business objectives in real.

Services Provided

  • IT transformation

The IT ability of the company is brought in line with needs of data handling procedures that are changing as well as for meeting the expectations of clients and customers.

  • Information Management

Wise data re-duplication and compression reduce storage and operating costs, minimizing recovery time while raising success rates of back-up. Unstructured and structured data are archived and archiving serves in improving discovery and back-up.

  • Business presence

Website development enhances exposure, which helps in generating more business and includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization); e-mail campaigns; social media management.

  • Security

Risks of implementation are kept low while you get enhanced protection against security threats. Risky assets are identified fast and the incident response mechanism of the company is prioritized and reorganized.

  • Acquisitions and Mergers

IT Service Provider Hong Kong helps to guarantee success with carefully managed and planned system changes caused by alterations in business structure, before, during and after separations, mergers, divestitures and acquisitions.

  • Availability and storage

There is optimization of server and storage resources with maximization of the use of storage across heterogeneous platforms. Current management of storage, policies and process are improved. As opposed to this, your business will witness a reduction in data loss, implementation risks and downtime.

  • Mobile security

Assessments are completed of projected and current exposure to risks of information security by locating gaps within processes, policies and mobile programs. Real world App-level and OS attacks are simulated and solutions are provided on basis of insight gained into the use of mobile device and the current security controls.

Thus, IT consultancy in Hong Kongis a dynamic and vibrant part of any successful business in the region. When executed and managed correctly, it can make the difference between failure and success of a business.

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