Ways to increase online sales via the medium of bulk SMS?

In modern times there are various mechanisms to market a service or a product. If you procure expertise of online bulk SMS service it is cost effective, targeted and an intended marketing platform. In just a couple of days your online sales can shoot up 200 % if you avail the services of cheapest bulk SMS service provider. Most top notch brands are relying on SMS in order to market their services or products.

Tips on how to use bulk SMS to increase sale this festive season?

New customers are welcome

In sending out a welcome SMS to a new customer makes them feel that they are part of the company. This contributes to higher levels of customer service. For example if a customer has gone on to sign up for an online newsletter it is a better practice to notify  them that the company has received their details and would appreciate their interest in the company.

With links you can enhance your online presence

In links you can go on to incorporate messages which would force customers to visit your site. They can view your blogs, updates along with seasonal promotions. Capabilities of smart phones ensure that customers are a mere click away from a visit to your site.

Discount offers

With a minute or so 97 % of messages are opened. 50 % of customers are of the opinion that promotions and discounts are important during festive season and for this they prefer SMS and not emails.

Redemption of mobile coupon

In comparison to printed coupons, the ones issued via smart phones have a higher rate of redemption.

Can send out personalized messages during festive times

During festive season people are inclined to do shopping and best way to encase them is sending out festive messages. This will ensure that the customers are drawn to shopping at this juncture.

Confirmation of orders along with timely delivery updates

Another manner of providing superior customer service would be notifying customers once they have gone on to receive an order. Customers would really appreciate status of their order, estimated time frame when the product will reach them and when a package is expected to reach out to them.

To conclude this poses to be an endless list, and trust me people do not forget to receive SMS. In a way this makes customers fairly happy when they receive SMS. With mobile marketing targeted oriented communication is a definite order of the day. Gone are the days where you were worried if a message would reach your targeted client or not. Such is the power of bulk SMS that even if the mobile number of a customer is switched off, the message is stored in the database. In due course of time when they switch on their mobile phone the message is delivered. In addition in comparison to the various other marketing forms it offers a higher rate on your investment.

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