What Everyone Must Know About Roku Streaming Device

Roku Streaming Stick is an entry-level TV stick that Roku launched in 2016. Given below is the complete user review for those who are new to Roku.

Unpacking the Gadget

The packaging of the Roku Streaming Stick is green and is different in color from other models. When opened, the interior is divided into two layers, the first layer is the TV stick, the second layer is the remote control and two AAA batteries, power adapter and USB power cable, and some manuals for Roku Link Code or the Roku activation using roku.com/link.

The power adapter is generally not used unless the TV model is old and has no USB interface. The Roku Streaming Stick has a small body, but if the space behind the TV or monitor is particularly compact, plugging it in will be a bit of a hassle.

This Roku remote control has changed a lot in appearance compared to last year. The original bright black was changed to matte black, and the buttons did not change much. The communication between the remote control and the TV stick uses wireless connection technology, so there is no need to remotely control the TV or display.

Roku Activation process

Go to roku.com/link and enter the activation code that Roku displays on the screen.

  • Register for a Roku account using com/link.
  • Bind credit card / Paypal.
  • In case, you don’t wish to use your card information you may use the Roku no CC This link world promptly to activate Roku without Credit Card.

All done!

Roku Installation

Install on TV

Roku Streaming Stick TV installation process is relatively simple, find the HDMI port to insert the TV stick, find the USB port to plug in the power, the installation is complete

Install on the display

  • Install the TV on the monitor. If you want to connect multiple speakers to the TV, take the U2415 from Dell as an example. Insert Roku into one of the two HDMI ports on the back and connect the USB power to the USB charging port on the back.
  • Purchase a 3.5mm audio pair cable, one end connected to the 3.5mm audio output port on the back of the monitor, and the other end connected to the 3.5mm audio input port of the speaker. If you share a speaker with your computer, you will need a one-to-two audio splitter.
  • However, in actual use, it is found that using the audio splitter will affect the sound output of the computer. Therefore, it is best to use a speaker amplifier with dual audio input, you can switch the source through the remote control.
  • If the monitor does not have an audio output, there is no way to use the Roku Streaming Stick. You need to purchase a Roku model with its own audio output. Also, you can easily go for the Roku 3 micro SD install.

Usage Guidelines

Given below are all the needed guidelines for the usage of Roku.

Channel blocking issue when using outside the US

After comparing with the main interface of the online introduction video, it is found that many channels are blocked when using Roku in some specific country. For example, the four channel shortcuts on the remote control can only be used by Netflix, others such as Amazon Video, Sling, Google Play is blocked.

Roku judges that the region is not only the area when the account is registered, but also determines the location where the Roku device is connected to the network. Therefore, in addition to the US agent and US address when registering the account for the first time, the Roku device must also be connected to the network in the US region through the proxy when it is first activated – If you are outside the US.

Use VPN or proxy
Since Roku does not support setting up a network proxy locally, a gateway-level proxy service must be used. At present, the more mature solution is to use R7000+merlin_8wan_firmware+Shadowsocks. After setting it, Roku can play channels other than US blocked channels smoothly.

Play local content
Roku’s application market has many applications that support local video playback, such as DS Video, and the experience is similar to that of a normal TV set-top box. Not only this, but you may also take the leverage of Roku TV play AVI option for streaming AVI content.

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