Why owners need to take appropriate care of race animals?

Animals are often domesticated for several purposes and are also reared as farm animals. Racing is one type of sport for which animals are reared. All species of a particular kind of animal are not suitable for racing, and so breeding is done keeping the racing aspects in mind. The race animals are also kept as pets once they lose their ability to race. It is ensured that healthy animals that have passed the age of racing but are otherwise healthy do not get euthanized. Many adoption camps are being kept alongside racing tracks so that homes are found for animals. This is an initiative which is taken to reduce the maltreatment and untimely killing of animals.

The care taken of animals that perform races

Animals that race on a track requires not only training but also a lot of care. If the animals are not treated for diseases or if their health is not monitored then it is impossible to keep the animals fit. The fitness is also checked, and if performance enhancers are found in fluid body samples like urine, then the owner of that animal will be banned from entering races. The ways in which animals should be cared for are given below:


  • Initiating the training of the animals early:


For racing animals in tracks like Oaklawn Park Race Track training is needed. For racing on track speed and strength has to be developed. Horses are known for galloping at full speed, but that is not sufficient while performing races on tracks because there the animals need to follow a particular track. Hence proper training is initiated as early as possible.


  • The food is given to the animals


The amount of food given to the animals is regulated so that the racing animals remain energetic and healthy at the same time. Overfeeding is never a good trait and all animals given sufficient food which is needed for the required calorie count.


  • The vaccination of animals


Preventative vaccinations for certain diseases are given so that animals do not become susceptible to those diseases. Other vaccinations are also given for treating diseases which the animals have contracted.


  • Cleaning the animals and their shelters


Diseases are often caused when animals do not receive a thorough cleanup or rub-off regularly. The feet and the knees, as well as the mane and tail of the animals, should be checked for ticks. The boxes where the animals are kept should also be cleaned frequently because germs that build up in the shelters will eventually affect the animals that live in those shelters. Hence cleaning is an important aspect of caring for the animals.


  • Checking the health of the horse before racing:


The health of the horse should be monitored before the race, and in no case, an unhealthy should be allowed to run a race even if the owner urges to race the horse.

Hence, people should be aware of the safety measures necessary for racing animals on a racetrack.

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