Why Should You Go for Executive Search Firms?

Are you debating on the benefits of hiring search firms for your top hires? Do you think that you could do a better job of hiring candidates for your C-suite positions without the aid of hiring a search firms?

If you think that you could fill in the top positions without an Executive Search Firm, then either you are too confident about your searching skills or you have tremendous manpower who are ready to take up the leadership positions. Either ways, it would be bad decision not to use the services of executive recruiting firms and here’s why –

  1. Network of contacts: It is a known fact that positions at a senior level are neither advertised nor are the candidates actively looking for a change. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that they would be averse to a better opportunity. This is where Executive Search Firms come into the picture. These firms have a contact pool of C-suite professionals and are aware of all the latest happenings in the employment marketplace. Not forgetting the fact that they know about their client’s industry as well. Thus are in a better position to contact the right individual for the role in your organization.
  2. Filter out the ‘bad’ candidates: Understandably there are no ‘bad’ candidates but ‘mismatched’ ones. If you have not hired an executive recruiting firms, then you would have tough time in filtering out the candidates who are unqualified for the job advertised. Let’s face it, if you have advertised a job on any of the social media, individuals would apply notwithstanding the fact that they are unqualified for the positions. These executive recruiting firms know how to shortlist, trim and offer you three best candidates for positions advertised.
  3. Save time and money: If you are thinking about money that would be spent on hiring the services of an executive search firm then consider this – how much time would you have to sort through the resumes that could include profiles from unqualified candidates? In case you are able to make a hire on your own and the person left the organization within few months of being hired, then what would be the turnover cost? So it is better to use the services of a reputed executive search firm to save the hassle of time and money and make wise decision at the first go.
  4. Confidentiality is important: You must be aware how important it is to maintain some sort of secrecy in an organization and outside when you are making some changes in the management. Your competitors should not know about the vacancy. Same goes for the other employees – they are not supposed to know any shuffles happening at the managerial levels. An Executive Search Firm knows this and respects it as well. The firm knows how sensitive is the information shared with it and hence maintains all the secrecy required right from advertising for the position to the screening of candidates for the role.

Now that you know how executive recruiting firms work in order to get you best of the best candidates for your senior positions, do use the services for the betterment of your organization.

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